Kathmandu Mini-Break

Two years ago I took my eldest son for a short visit to Nepal. For some reason we only had three days to spare so trekking to Everest base camp or anything similar was out of the question.

Instead we had to content ourselves with a day hike close to Kathmandu. We hiked up Champadevi, a mere pimple by Nepalese standards of just 2285 meters. Bearing in mind that Kathmandu stands at around 1400m the actual height climbed was only about 885m. Even so it took a couple of hours or more to get up and was useful training for my Mount Kinabalu climb later that year. We even had a Sherpa to accompany us.

Nepal Feb 09

From the top of the hill we had a good view of Kathmandu, which was shrouded in brown smog, and the Himalayan peaks beyond.

Countryside south of Kathmandu.

We did a lot of walking around the fascinating city of Kathmandu and tried to see as many of the main attractions as possible.


We also managed to see Mt. Everest but we cheated by catching a sight-seeing flight on Buddha Air.

Buddha Air

Everest is the peak with the cloud attached to it.

Mt. Everest

It doesn’t look that difficult to climb does it?  I think I’ll wait until they build a cable car.

Eyeing Everest?

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