The Grand Tour of Peninsular Malaysia

During March I am planning to go on what I am calling my Grand Tour of Peninsular Malaysia.

My small but esteemed group of regular subscribers might know that, in addition to this blog, I am also writing a website, Malaysia

The website is a year old now and I am reasonably pleased with its progress. I have written 123 pages so far and during the past 3 months alone the website received nearly 53,000 unique visitors from 96 countries.  Since I started putting Google adverts on the website last July, there have been 2578 clicks on those adverts (I find that quite amazing as I don’t think I’ve ever clicked on any adverts on websites). In case you are curious or are thinking of quitting your day job in order to write websites, I can reveal that this translates into an income of USD410 since July.  Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick but really quite pathetic considering the amount of work that has gone into it. Fortunately I don’t regard it as work but in order to make a living from websites you would either have to find other ways of monetizing your site or write about something which is more popular than travelling in Malaysia.

Anyway to attract more hits to my website I need to broaden my horizons. Most of the 123 pages I have written so far have been on places which are within a day’s journey from Kuala Lumpur. To research places further afield requires an extended trip, hence the Grand Tour (and I only write about places I have personally visited, unlike many travel websites which just copy stuff from Wikipedia).

Map picture

Starting tomorrow I am embarking on the southern loop of my Tour, concentrating mainly on the top attractions in Johor and southern Pahang. Then I will return home for a while before starting the northern loop covering Kedah, Perlis, Kelantan, Terengganu and northern Pahang.  I hope to post regular updates of my progress on this blog, though the cheap hotels I’ll be staying in may not have Wi-Fi.

This is the sort of trip where I should really take my family along but unfortunately it is school term time and, to be honest, my daughter would far sooner stay at home making videos and being creative on her laptop. Her Littlest Pet Shop YouTube channel by the way gets way more traffic than my website so I should probably spend my time monetizing her work instead!

Wish me luck!

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