Pekan–Royal Town in Pahang


Pekan Riverfront

Pekan is apparently named after a purple flower, the Bunga Pekan (brunfelsia calycina) commonly known as Yesterday-Today-And-Tomorrow.  It’s a silly name for a plant but apt for a town which is undergoing change. On one level, Pekan is the home of Pahang state’s Royal family and the town boasts palaces, a polo field, a golf club, the State Museum and some smart mosques.

Sultan Abu Bakar Museum was once the residence of the British Resident.

Elsewhere it is more like a kampung with chickens running around, cow pats on the streets and quaint old wooden houses.

Pekan Wanderers in training.

Across the river is a newer part of town with an industrial zone which includes motor assembly plants for Mercedes Benz and Isuzu.

Mercedes-Benz assembly plant, Pekan

I arrived in Pekan with daylight fast disappearing and as I had not booked a hotel I was wondering where I would end up staying. With few other choices I checked into the Melati Inn which might have had a futuristic design when it was built in the 1960s but now, like an old James Bond film, looks very dated.

Melati Inn, Pekan 

The receptionist told me that it used to be a guest house owned by the royal family. I think guests would have been a bit disappointed by my room which was grubby and had mildew stains on the walls from water leakage. Still it had cable TV so I could watch English football and the WiFi worked. There was no breakfast because the chef apparently would not bother turning up just for one guest.

Chief's Rest House, Pekan

This is where I should have stayed, The Chief’s Rest House, an establishment with far more character and charm (and cheaper too) but unfortunately I did not find it until the next morning.

Istana Abu Bakar, Pekan

Close to the Chief’s rest House is the Sultan’s main palace, Istana Abu Bakar, and the Royal Pahang Polo Club. The golf club appeared to be closed off for renovations.

A nice town.

Royal Pahang Polo Club, Pekan

5 thoughts on “Pekan–Royal Town in Pahang”

  1. i refuse to accept YTT AS BUNGA PEKAN because there is a white flower known as bunga pekan. I even plant it in my nursery

  2. i do think nobody in pekan town is interested in knowing what bunga pekan does look like. As long as there is a flower for pekan. Its okay. Ido have YTT INmy nursery. It doesn’t came from any river bank. I bought it from a nursery in muar, johor. Well it doesn’t matter nobody care.

  3. for me.. i interested to knowing bunga pekan.. i born in kijal terengganu, i know history about kijal and i raise up at pekan so i want to know why it name pekan… so not every body.. i still care.. by the way tuan tanah good info.. i think this raya season i want to take pekan photo also la.. good job. chief rest house? i think i want to try la..

  4. I’m currently in Pekan right now doing some volunteer work on an island of cats – pretty cool! I’ve been here for 2 months currently, and have another month left at least. I just wanted to say,you missed out on so much. Pekan is not amazing, but it has quite a lot to offer – a lot more than you shared here! (by the way, almost everything in Pekan IS or at least WAS owned by the royal family). All the best!

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