Pulau Kapas

Pulau Kapas

Pulau Kapas is a lovely jungle clad island a few kilometres off the Terangganu coastline. It has 10 or so budget resorts along its western edge but is otherwise uninhabited.


To get there I hired a boat from the small town of Marang, about 15km south of Kuala Terengganu.

Speed boat to Kapas Island

The journey only took about 15 minutes. On arrival I walked along the beach and concrete paths which connect one bay to the next.

Pulau Kapas

The word ‘Kapas’ means cotton, perhaps reflecting the white colour and softness of the sand.

Monitor Lizard

Monitor lizards normally scamper away when they encounter humans so it was slightly concerning when this one kept on coming towards me.

About Face

Finally she ‘monitored’ my presence and ran back the way she came.

How does Pulau Kapas compare with the Perhentian Islands? Kapas is easier to get to being closer to the mainland, but this also means that it has less coral and it is not a protected marine park, unlike the Perhentians. The accommodation is pretty basic in both places. Qimi Chalet would be my preference if I were staying on Kapas. There is probably even less to do in the evenings on Kapas and fewer dining choices.

A nice place to go for a relaxing couple of days.

Rental Kiosk on Kapas

4 thoughts on “Pulau Kapas”

  1. In typical malay village, Monitor lizards (a.k.a biawak) will be killed if found near the house because they hunt & kill the chickens & ducks. I remember as a 12 yr old kid, i manage to capture a biawak in my dad’s reban ayam. This reptile is so tough it took 15-20 hard beating on the head with cangkul before it finally dead.

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