Grand Tour of Peninsular Malaysia–Conclusion

As mentioned in my last post,  I concluded my Grand Tour after seeing Sungai Lembing and the nearby Gua Charas.

For the Northern Loop I drove 2350km which, when added to the earlier Southern Loop, made a journey of almost exactly 4,000km in all.

I have now seen a large area of West Malaysia but there are still huge gaps for me to cover later including the largest National Parks, Taman Negara and Endau Rompin and a whole bunch of islands, notably the big three – Langkawi, Redang and Tioman.

Then of course there is Sarawak and Sabah. That should keep me busy for a while.

So where is the best place in Malaysia from what I have seen so far? The best place is definitely at home with my family.

Best Beach? The best beaches are on the islands but for the mainland I would opt for Bukit Keluang or Penarik.

Best Mountain? None in Peninsular Malaysia compare with Mt. Kinabalu and many are very hard work for scant reward in terms of view. From the few that I have climbed (mostly minnows) I thought little Gunung Datuk was the most enjoyable and with a good view at the top.

Best Cave? Gua Tempurung is my favourite but I also liked the temple caves at Ipoh and good old Batu Caves.

Best Waterfall? I am no expert but Kanching Falls take some beating and they are easy to get to .

Best Historical City Trail? Georgetown and Malacca are the best which is not surprising in view of their UNESCO World Heritage status.

Best Hill Resort? Cameron Highlands is still my preference.

I shall work on a more comprehensive ‘Best of Malaysia’ list when I have seen the rest of the country.


2 thoughts on “Grand Tour of Peninsular Malaysia–Conclusion”

  1. i always have a dream of travelling peninsular malaysia by the coastline down from perlis to johor in the west coast and up from johor east coast to kelantan, then move inland to criss cross the titiwangsa mountain range, making sure to visit all the highlands, man made huge lakes and all interesting sites. armed with a tent and a knowledge of beaches with working public toilet and fisherman jettys, my plan includes cooking myself by the beach using fresh local fish & vegetables and spend every morning jogging along the beaches. By the time i finished the round-peninsula tour, i would have look very slim, very tan, very sexy and a lot of storyline to keep many girls amused for a long time hehe 🙂

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