Serendah Waterfall

Serendah Waterfall

While driving on Highway 1 a few kilometres north of Rawang, I noticed a sign pointing to Air Terjun Serendah (Serendah Waterfall) and thought I would take a quick look.  The road passes though Kampung Dato Harun and through an Orang Asli village before arriving at the falls.

It’s quite a nice waterfall with a vertical drop of around 8m and a good flow of water after all the heavy rain we have been having. As you can see from the photo a number of brave people were taking a dip in the refreshingly cool water.

Serendah Waterfall

As is often the case, the local authorities have built various facilities around the fall in an attempt to improve its tourism potential. They have built a car park and toilets (essential), and changing rooms (also useful but they give the misleading impression that it is always safe to swim here which is not the case). They have also built shelters for temporary food stalls (good if they enable local residents to earn income from visitors).

Food stalls

There is also a large concrete bridge which seems a bit excessive.

Was this necessary?

Some visitors might have preferred the surroundings if they had been left in their natural state. Sometimes less is more!

Serendah Falls

One thought on “Serendah Waterfall”

  1. I had a chance to visit this waterfall about 4 years ago when I went to Kuala Lumpur during my Malaysian tour. Serendah Waterfall is a gorgeous attraction and located less than one hour drive from the Kuala Lumpur City Centre. It offers elegant scenery that attracts the visitors. Gravity! Taking a bath in its cool water is absolutely amazing. I never forget the time that I spent there. Now after visiting this great piece of sharing i wish to visit this waterfall again because it reminded me my Malaysian tour.

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