Cape Rachado – Pulau Masjid Beach

Three and a half years ago (time flies!) I wrote on this blog about Cape Rachado (Tanjung Tuan).

At that time I explored the lighthouse and the beach at the tip of the headland known as Pulau Intan beach.

I went back again recently to look for another beach, Pulau Masjid. Here is how to get there.

Map showing location of Pulau Masjid, Cape Rachado

After walking on the tarmac road through the forest from the main gate for about 10 minutes you will see a path leading off to the left.

Turn left here to go to Pulau Masjid Beach

Take that path which starts off as a concrete pavement with railings and later turns into a jungle track.

Path leading to Pulau Masjid Beach, Tanjung TuanPath leading to Pulau Masjid Beach, Tanjung Tuan

It only takes another ten minutes or so to descend to the beach. On the way you pass a well that looks pretty old, and a short stretch of boardwalk.

Old well at Pulau Masjid, Tanjung TuanBoardwalk to Pulau Masjid, Cape Rachado

Eventually you emerge at the shoreline and you can go left or right. On the right are some shelters and a sliver of beach where a frangipani tree somehow manages to survive.

Shelters on Pulau Masjid Beach, Tanjung TuanBeach at Pulau Masjid, Tanjung Tuan

The better beach is off to the left, overlooking an island, presumably the island that the beach is named after. There are some shelters here too.

Pulau Masjid Beach, Cape Rachado, Port Dickson

The water looked clear and clean but there was nobody there apart from a couple of fishermen.

Pulau Masjid Beach, Cape Rachado, Port Dickson

If you are looking for a peaceful spot away from the crowds on the nearby Port Dickson beaches you could consider this place. Take a few people along with you though – I thought there was a slightly eerie atmosphere here, but perhaps it was just the gloomy weather!

4 thoughts on “Cape Rachado – Pulau Masjid Beach”

  1. Interesting. One would think there were no good beaches in Port Dickson but this looks fine, just like the beaches used to look in the old days. Thanks for the tip.

  2. i’ve been here a few times and enjoyed the beach, until one of the fishermen told me to be careful as there were crocodiles!

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