Kanching Recreational Forest and Templer Park

Level 7 Waterfall Kanching Recreational Forest is one of the more popular forest parks in Selangor, partly due to its close proximity to KL but also because it has some excellent waterfalls, providing a great place for Kuala Lumpans to cool off. There are seven levels of waterfalls. The highest one, level 7, is at 208m above sea level. From the car park, a good concrete footpath (mostly steps) takes visitors as far up as level 4 where an inviting deep pool  of clear, cool water awaits – an ideal spot for picnics. Most people do not bother to go up any higher as above level 4 the path is rougher. But it is worth making the extra effort. It is quite easy to reach the top level, taking less than an hour from the start. The most spectacular falls are at levels 6 and 7.

Map at the entrance to the park.

A stroll in the park.

Level 4 Waterfall.

Level 6 waterfall.

There was quite a lot of rubbish strewn over the park, not helped by a troupe of cheeky monkeys who were stealing ice creams from some Middle Eastern tourists.

kanching-bukittakun-templerpark11feb11 046

As my son and I still had some energy left after arriving back at the car park, we drove to nearby Templer Park, just a kilometer down the road. I had heard there was a swimming pool there and thought we might have a dip. On seeing it though we changed our mind. It didn’t seem that inviting.

Templer Park Swimming Pool.

There is another waterfall in this park but by this time we were all waterfalled-out so we will leave that for another day.

Unusual dragonfly at Templer Park.