Aydon Castle

Aydon Castle is a well preserved 13th century manor house which was lived in and used as a farmhouse right up until 1966. It is now owned and managed by English Heritage.

Sometimes called Aydon Hall, it is a fortified manor house at Aydon near to the town of Corbridge, Northumberland.

History of Aydon Castle

Entrance Gates

Construction of the original timber hall is believed to have begun in 1296 by Robert de Reymes.

Outer Wall

The house was later fortified and surrounded by a curtain wall around 1305 to protect it from Scottish raiders but could still not avoid capture by the Scots in 1315 and again in 1346.

In the more peaceful 17th century it was converted into a farm with an orchard within the castle walls and additional farm buildings added later.

Carnaby Coat of Arms
Collinson family marks

The Reymes family owned Aydon for several centuries. Later owners and occupants included the Carnaby family whose coat of arms can be seen carved above a fireplace and the Collinson family who left initials in stone on a door lintel.

This carving at Aydon Castle reminds me of the Davy Jones character in the Pirates of the Caribbean films.

Location of Aydon Castle

Opening Hours & Ticket Prices

Nice spot for a picnic.

If you want to visit (closed currently due to Coronavirus) you can find all the details you need on English Heritage’s website. Like many attractions in Northumberland it is closed during the winter months.

As with all English Heritage places, it is best to become a member for free unlimited visits. No only is it good value for money but it is a charity and you are helping to preserve the nation’s history and heritage.