Chamang Waterfall


Chamang Waterfall (air terjun Chamang) is a beautiful waterfall just 10km outside the Pahang town of Bentong.

It is easy to get to. Just head north from Bentong in the direction of Raub. Very soon you will see a signpost for Chamang Waterfall. Turn left at the sign and just follow the road. When you reach the signpost in the photo above you are nearly there.

There is a large car park right next to the waterfall so you don’t need to do any hiking. There are also changing rooms and toilets here. I went on a weekday in February 2012. There was no entrance charge and hardly anybody there. Presumably at weekends and during public holidays it must get crowded.


The water comes bursting out of the mountain side and charges down the hill with great energy. Judging by the vast expanse of smoothly eroded rock, the water flow must cover a much wider area during or after heavy rains.

The combination of slippery rocks, fast moving water and hidden whirlpools make this a dangerous waterfall and careful adult supervision of children is essential. Serious and fatal accidents here are common.


There are some calmer pools further away from the falls which are safer for paddling and playing.


The waterfall drains into a fast moving river where some like to try fishing.


There is a pedestrian suspension bridge to reach the far bank where many like to picnic or even camp.

This video gives you an idea of the force of the water.

Chamang Waterfall


Chamang Waterfall is well worth a visit if you are in the vicinity of Bentong.