i-City – City of Digital Lights

i-city , City of Digital Lights

i-City, on the outskirts of Shah Alam in Malaysia, is one of those technology park property developments which try to entice corporate tenants with promises of hi-tech offices, super broadband connections and so on.  That’s all quite boring but it also has ‘The City of Digital Lights’ which draws in Malaysian visitors in their droves. Basically it is a forest of man-made trees decorated with millions of LED lights and I have to admit that the effect is pretty impressive.

i-city LED trees

Even more popular, especially among the kids, is Snowalk, an indoor snow park complete with igloos, a mini-bobsled track and snowmen. The entrance fee includes the rental of a thick jacket and it gives a chance for Malaysians to experience 5 degree temperatures for a change.


There is even a giant Xmas tree and Chinese New Year lanterns to give the place a seasonal feel. Pity it was June!