MAHA 2014

MAHA 2014

MAHA 2014, (stands for Malaysia Agriculture, Horticulture & Agrotourism show) is now on in Putrajaya and will continue until 30th November 2014.

This 11-day biennial event is the leading agricultural show of its kind in Malaysia and indeed in the region.

It is a hugely popular expo with 2,500 booths and more than 2 million people expected to attend.

Here are a few photos from the event taken this morning.

Giant Jackfruit and other fruits.

There are plenty of tasty food items on sale such as these giant jackfruits.

Nipa Palm NutsMore unusual items like this cluster of nipa palm nuts (nypa fruticans) are on display. The sap of these tropical nuts is used to produce vinegar and alcoholic arak known as lambanog in the Philippines. According to Wikipedia, fossilised nipa nuts have been found  on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent evidencing that Britain had a much warmer climate in times gone by.

Kelubi fruit (Salacca Conferta)This bunch of fruit is from another swamp-dwelling palm known in Malay as Kelubi (salacca conferta). In Malaysian cuisine this fruit is pickled and used as a substitute for tamarind in sambals and other condiments.

Fig Fruit Juice Stall

There are plenty of free samples to eat and drink while browsing the booths. This vendor is selling a juice made from figs which he mixes with honey to make it less sour. It tastes pretty good and is claimed to lower cholesterol and have other health benefits.

Handicraft stall at MAHA2014

There are nice handicraft items on sale including attractive pictures made from the leaves and petals of real flowers.

Real Flower PictureOutside the massive exhibition halls the show spreads over a vast 100 hectare site so there is a lot to see.

Railway Carriage used as a greenhouse at MAHA 2014

Flowers at MAHA 2014

For details of timings and location you can read more on my Malaysia Traveller website.