Malaysia’s New Istana Negara

New Istana Negara

Construction of the new National Palace or Istana Negara appears to be nearing completion, at least from the outside.

Located on a 100 hectare plot off Jalan Duta this spacious home will be the new official residence for Malaysia’s King and Queen. It replaces the existing National Palace which has been used as a home for royalty for the past 50 years or so.

The current King is unlikely to spend much time, if any,  in the new palace as his 5 year term of service ends in December under Malaysia’s unique rotating monarchy system. His replacement, the Sultan of Kedah, will presumably have the pleasure of settling into this new residence.

The entrance gate to the new Istana Negara.

Mounted horse guards will occupy the tall sentry boxes while soldiers on foot will be on duty in the shorter ones.

Overlooked by neighbours?

The palace seems to be overlooked by the blocks of flats behind. Perhaps it is not as private as the current palace?

The view from the front garden.

The view from the front garden is quite nice.

Visitors' car park and toilets.

I drove up the approach road expecting access to be blocked off but the place was deserted so I was able to take photos and use the public toilet in the visitors’ car park.

It’s an impressive palace and I am sure once the gardens have become established and the buildings have aged a little it will look even better.

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