Melaka Zoo and the Smoking Orang-Utans

White Rhino

We visited Melaka Zoo on New Year’s Day. As far as zoos go, it’s not a bad place – it is spacious, it has lush tropical vegetation, the animals’ enclosures are reasonably roomy and designed in such a way that visitors can get up quite close.  Most of the species living there are tropical breeds, so there are no polar bears or penguins for example trying to cope with the Malaysian climate.

The zoo however does have a problem with a few of its more idiotic visitors, some of whom think it is funny to lob lighted cigarettes into the orang-utan enclosure.

Cruelty to orang-utans 

The zoo received bad publicity last year about a chain smoking orang-utan who had to be sent to Borneo for addiction treatment. This poor chap could end up the same way. The zoo should take serious action to prevent this animal abuse.

As for the idiot throwing cigarettes, he should be put in a cage at the zoo for a month or two then we could all have a laugh.