Pudu Wet Market

Pasar Pudu

I visited Pudu Wet Market the other day. The main indoor part is housed in this aircraft-hangar shaped building.

Inside Pudu Wet Market

Inside are numerous stalls selling fish, meat,vegetables and fruit. This place opens very early in the morning and by the time I arrived many of the vendors had already shut up for the day.

Chicken vendor

The chicken seller keeps live birds in cages from where they get a good view of the body parts of their relatives.


The butchers stalls are fairly scruffy but look reasonably clean and at least the butcher wears gloves, unlike those TV chefs from Michelin-starred restaurants who seem to think it is OK to poke around with your food and ‘plate up’ your meal with their bare hands. 

Cut Flower Stall at Pudu Market

I prefer the outdoor parts of the market where the air is less pungent and the sights less macabre. Here they sell cut flowers, pot plants, fruit, vegetables, dried seafood, spices, clothing and much more.

Pot Plant vendor at Pudu Market

Malaysians love to shop at wet markets as they believe the food is fresher and less expensive than in supermarkets.

Vegetable stall, Pudu Market

You can also buy pet birds, bird cages, tropical fish and aquariums here.

Choon Wan Kong temple, Pudu

The Choon Wan Kong temple is located next to Pudu market. It dates from 1879 but looks like the old roof tiles have been replaced by a new metal roof.

Choon Wan Kong temple, Pudu