Top 10 Dubai Attractions – No.3, Spice Souq and Gold Souq

Entrance to Dubai Gold Souq

 Perhaps a bit too showy to wear to the supermarket.

Need a modest little gold necklace for everyday use like this one?

Look no further than Dubai’s ever popular gold souk, located a short walk from the abra station.

For decades this place has been where local resident ladies come to buy their gold as well as being one of Dubai’s top tourist attractions.

Most of the gold sold here is solid 22 or 24 karat although imported Italian 18k red, yellow and white gold has become common in recent years.

There are over 275 shops in the Dubai Gold Souq and it is estimated that over 10 tons of gold is on display in their shop windows at any one time. Apparently 95% of all tourists to Dubai buy gold. Unluckily for my wife, I was one of the thrifty 5% who didn’t, on this occasion at least.

Gold necklaces at Dubai Gold SouqGold rings and bracelets at Dubai Gold Souq

Not content with being a major gold market, Dubai has also built up a reputation as a centre for diamonds and these have added sparkle to the shop windows of the gold souq.

Gold is sold by weight plus a mark-up for labour charges. Diamond  jewellery (and other precious stones) is more difficult for the amateur shopper to value and there is more scope for being overcharged. Extended haggling is expected and required before buying anything here.

Dubai Spice Souq

The Spice Souq is a short walk from the Gold Souq. It comprises a couple of narrow alleys with shops selling a wide range of colourful and pungent spices such as saffron, dried chillies, cinnamon sticks, nuts, dates, tea and shisha tobacco. Resinous frankincense and myrrh are popular with tourists who may not have seen them before, as are camel sticks, pottery incense burners and hubble bubbles. The spice souk cannot really compare with the fantastic spice bazaars in Istanbul but they are worth a quick look.

Spice shop at Deira Spice Market

In the area surrounding the gold souk are streets with concentrations of perfume shops, wholesale shops, shoes, clothing and household items and if you are in the mood for shopping you are sure to find some bargains and unusual purchases.

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