Prime Minister’s Walk, Putrajaya

As you are probably aware, The Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak, has dissolved parliament, paving the way for a general election to be held during the coming month.

At this important time, he probably has a lot on his mind. I always find that a good walk helps clear the head and revive the spirits. The Prime Minister is almost certainly too busy to take a walk but if he did manage to find the time, he has a very fine route right on his doorstep, which I call the Prime Minister’s Walk.

Seri Perdana, official residence of Malaysia's Prime Minister.

The route starts next to the lake at the bottom of the garden of his very nice home, Seri Perdana.  This sprawling mansion is the official residence of the Prime Minister and enjoys fine views of the Botanical Gardens and Istana Melawati, the King’s Putrajaya palace.

View of Precinct 10, Putrajaya from the Botanical Garden

The route follows a footpath and boardwalk through leafy Precinct 10, one of Putrajaya’s prettiest areas where many of the city’s most prestigious properties are found. Surprisingly hens and roosters can be seen freely scratching around in the grass next to the lake, keeping a wary eye out for monitor lizards who might fancy a poultry snack.

Seri Perdana Bridge, Putrajaya

The route passes underneath the 375m long Seri Perdana bridge, said to be built with Moorish design elements.  The Prime Minister could cross this bridge if he were going to his office but we will continue along the lake front.

Marine Police HQ and Lake Club, Putrajaya

Next we arrive at the Marine Police Headquarters (right in the picture) and the Lake Club (centre).

If you have a career in the Royal Malaysian Police and you are posted to be Chief of Marine Police at Putrajaya you know you are in for a cushy number. Crime in Putrajaya generally is low. Water-borne crime must be non-existent. There can’t be many marine traffic offences either as there are only a couple of sightseeing cruise boats, a few speed boats used by gardeners and a handful of canoes on Putrajaya’s lakes to contend with.

Kelab Tasik, Putrajaya

I would suggest the Prime Minister end his walk at the Lake Club (Kelab Tasik) and enjoy a cooling lime juice and perhaps a delicious Malaysian meal on the club’s delightful terrace.

Putra Mosque

From the terrace the PM could look out over the Putra Mosque and reflect on his hard work and the nation’s achievements over the past 5 years. He would also have a good view of his office at the massive Perdana Putra complex, and no doubt feel confident that he will soon be back there, re-elected to continue his efforts. In previous elections the result has always been a foregone conclusion as the ruling coalition has been in power continuously since Independence. This time around, many observers say the result will be a close call.

We’ll see!

Perdana Putra, Putrajaya