Gunung Ledang National Park


Almost the first thing you see when crossing into Johor state from the north is a mountain, Gunung Ledang which rises abruptly from the surrounding coastal plane.

Gunung Ledang

The mountain is the highest in Johor at 1276m (4187 ft) and is surrounded by the Gunung Ledang National Park.  There are a few access points into the park including one at Asahan in neighbouring Melaka state.

I took the most popular entry point at the Gunung Ledang Resort hotel near Sagil. I had already decided I was not going to try climbing the mountain on this visit. You have to hire a guide and it is not that easy as this signpost explains:

 You have to hire a guide to climb Gunung Ledang

I’ll save that climb until my sons are available to accompany me.

Instead I took a look at the Puteri Waterfalls  – an easy 20 minute hike from the park’s entrance. The track is paved and has proper steps and there is little chance of getting lost.

The path to the waterfall is well maintained.

I got a start when I saw a fat snake-like tail sticking out of a litter bin. Luckily it was just a harmless scavenging monitor lizard, albeit a big one. (Excuse my camera shake – I must have been nervous!).

Lizard looking for leftovers

The waterfall itself was quite impressive. A few people were bathing in the pools below, ignoring the signs warning of the risk of communicable diseases from swimming or wading in contaminated water.

Puteri Waterfall