Kajang’s Ornate Dragon Temples

Kajang in Selangor state might not be the most attractive town in Malaysia but it sure has some colourful and photogenic Chinese temples.

Tokong Kui Tin Biow, Kajang

This one in Jalan Reko is called Tokong (temple) Kui Tin Biow. Inside, offerings of fruit had been neatly stacked up on the altar in front of the assembled deities.  Rather incongruously, the courtyard in front of the temple had a large banner advertising Carlsberg and the place seemed to double up as a restaurant.


I could not find out what this one is called because I cannot read Chinese characters.

kajang temples 2 Feb 11 010

Rooftop dragon statues are a common feature of Taoist temples.

Enter the dragon.

On the top of Bukit Mewah, with a fine view of Kajang and the surrounding countryside is Loong Tien Koong Temple.  I believe it is a Taoist temple.

Loong Tien Koong Temple, Bukit Mewah

Loong Tien Koong Temple, Bukit Mewah

Happy Chinese New Year, Kung Hei Fatt Choi, Gong Xi Fa Cai.

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4 thoughts on “Kajang’s Ornate Dragon Temples”

  1. The secong temple is Guan Yin Ting (Guan Yin Pavillion) or Kuan Im Teng in Hockien. The old lady medium in charge here is very popular for her mediations. It used to be a small temple, the arch and new building are recent extensions. Kui Tin Biow is dedicated to Gui Xing, the fourth star on the Big Dipper (δ Ursae Majoris – Megrez) that is deitified (like a lot of Chinese folk deities). In Chinese, this star is called 天枢 – TianShu

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