Grand Tour of Peninsular Malaysia–Part 2

Tomorrow morning, bright and early, I shall be resuming my Grand Tour and embarking on the northern loop of Peninsular Malaysia.

If all goes according to plan I shall be quite busy. My first stop is  Kuala Kangsar, the Royal capital of Perak, then on to Taiping and the quiet hill station of Maxwell Hill.

Then it is Port Weld, a mangrove swamp, Bukit Mertajam and a beer in the Hong Kong bar in Penang.

In Kedah it is the Sungei Petani club, a beach, scale Kedah Peak, a waterfall, an archaeological site, a fort, a white elephant, another small mountain and a walking tour of Alor Setar.

In the micro-state of Perlis I plan to visit a minor peak, a national park, a snake and reptile farm, waterfalls, a herb garden, a cave, the Thai border, a couple of lakes and the towns of Kangar and Arau.

Then it will be a long drive over mountains, past lakes and through forests over to the east coast.

In Kelantan there are temples and a mountain on my to-do list before visiting half a dozen beaches.

In Terengganu I plan to drive down the coast stopping off at a dozen beaches (and maybe an island or two) and spending time in the state capital Kuala Terengganu.

Then it is Pahang for another 6 beaches before turning inland to visit a temple cave, a tin museum , sunrise on a hill top and drive back across the peninsula towards home.

I have booked a few crumby hotels, some of which claim to have Wi-Fi, so I shall post updates when I can.

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