Ostrich Wonderland–Semenyih

Ostrich Wonderland

If you are looking for somewhere different to take the kids one afternoon you could consider Ostrich Wonderland Showfarm, near Semenyih in Selangor.

It’s really a commercial poultry farm whose core business is to raise exotic birds for meat but, as a sideline, it opens its doors to visitors.

Besides ostriches, they farm guinea-fowl, turkeys, chickens and geese.


A gaggle of geese

Conditions for the birds seem pretty good. They have plenty of space to move around – definitely free range rather than battery. The ostriches are kept in large enclosed pens. I wonder whether the Malaysian climate suits them as their natural habitat is usually a lot more arid. I noticed that some of the ostriches had lost their tail feathers, giving them a plucked and oven-ready look!


Apart from the birds there are plenty of puppies roaming freely and they also have ponies, donkeys, rabbits and a couple of monkeys. The monkeys are chained to their perches, which seems unnecessarily cruel.

Pony at Ostrich Wonderland

Admission is RM10 adult and RM5 for kids which is a bit steep but, for that, the owner shows you around his egg-incubators and explains how to rear ostriches.

Ostrich Wonderland

You can buy frozen ostrich and guinea fowl meat here and maybe even an ostrich egg but you need to have a giant egg-cup if you want to have it boiled!

Boil for 33 minutes for soft-boiled.

Address, contact number and opening hours are shown on these signs:

Ostrich Wonderland Address

Ostrich Wonderland Opening Hours and Contact

You can read more about the other animals on the farm in this post.

For updated admission prices and opening hours see here.

10 thoughts on “Ostrich Wonderland–Semenyih”

  1. Expensive entrance fee, waste of time…no value at all.
    Everything is about money, rides, feed all extra after paying to go in…bahh

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