Sniffing Glue and Cow Dung

There was a strange item in the news today.

It was reported in The Star that an increasing number of youths in Malacca are becoming addicted to sniffing glue and cow dung.

Malacca Deputy CID Chief Supt P.R. ­Gunarajan said the addicts would pour glue onto a piece of cloth which they would then roll up and sniff, or pour the substance into a bag. The smell of glue, he said, distorted his senses and led to hallucination. He added that glue was easily available in Malacca for less than RM2, and that a can could be shared among several addicts.

As for the cow dung, he said the addicts would collect the faeces in plastic bags and inhale the contents until the effect kicked in.

Of course I have heard of sniffing glue before but cow dung is a new one on me. Perhaps it’s the methane content?

No wonder farmers in England always look so happy. I assumed it was the cider when in fact they have just been inhaling the ripe country air.

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