The Last Post?

3 Rifles A Company Fire Support Group Jackals on Patrol Sangin

Regular readers of this blog might have noticed a decrease in the number of posts in recent months. The reason?

My blog is hosted on which comes with 3 GB of free space. Now, after seven years, 448 posts and a heck of a lot of photos, it seems I’ve almost used up all my free space.

This has put me in something of a dilemma. I have a few choices:

  • I could upgrade my plan and pay WordPress for additional space. This would probably be the easiest and most sensible thing to do. However it is not the Thrifty thing to do. While I don’t mind not getting paid for writing I’m not really keen on paying for the privilege.
  • I could delete some of my old posts to free up space for new ones. I would be reluctant to do that. Some of my old posts still get found by the search engines. For example, my most popular post ever (Mt. Kinabalu vs. Fansipan vs. Rinjani) was written almost seven years ago and still gets visitors.
  • I could convert my old posts into eBooks before deleting them. That would be a waste of effort – nobody would ever read those!
  • I could just start another free WordPress blog and call it Thrifty Traveller Too (or 2). But that would mean starting all over again to build up visitor numbers.

Instead of the above I have begun posting all my travel articles on my other website, Malaysia Traveller, even if they are not related to Malaysia. Malaysia Traveller gets far more views than Thrifty Traveller and it does earn a few cents in commission so it makes sense.

You can find a summary of my recent posts, including travels in Japan and Laos, on this page:

You can follow Malaysia Traveller’s Facebook page by clicking on the ‘Find us on F’ button if you are a fan of Facebook.

So is this my last post on Thrifty Traveller? Hopefully not. I still have about 1% of my 3 GB left. Perhaps I’ll use it for any posts that are not travel-related.

Thanks for reading.

6 thoughts on “The Last Post?”

  1. I wouldn’t want to see you delete old blogs. For your remaining space allotted, maybe you can continue doing what you’re doing and redirect your readers to another site. Really enjoy your writings!

  2. Sorry to hear that Thrifty. I particularly liked your posts relating to the tracing of Alfred Russel Wallace’s travels in the Indonesian Archipelago. What those places look like now and what memories remain of him.

  3. How about uploading your photos to Flickr and embedding them here instead? 🙂 Granted it is quite a hassle if you have a lot of photos, but Flickr has unlimited space, so.

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