Lake Chini

GRAND TOUR – DAY 6 continued

Lake Chini

Lake Chini (Tasik Chini) is Malaysia’s second largest body of freshwater, made up of 12 inter-connected lakes amid 12,000 acres of lush wetland wilderness.

Water levels fluctuate with the seasons although a dam was built several years ago on the downstream river to maintain a higher water level. This, together with encroaching oil palm plantations in the area, provoked criticism of environmental damage to the lake.

There are two main access points to the lake – directly by road up to the Lake Chini Resort or by boat from Kampung Kuala Chini.  My photos are taken from the Lake Chini Resort side where the water looked clean, calm, beautiful and well stocked with fish.

Lake Chini

Beneath its surface however is said to lurk a mythical creature, a dragon-like beast believed to be guarding an ancient submerged Khmer city dating from the time when the Khmer empire extended into the Malay peninsula. Some of the Orang Asli villagers who populate this area have claimed to have seen this local equivalent of the Loch Ness Monster.

Lake Chini

I looked out for it but could only see a few fish. Meanwhile on terra firma a family of black, white and tan squirrels (I believe they are Prevost’s Squirrels) were squabbling over some oil palm seeds.

Prevost's Squirrel, Lake Chini

The Lake Chini Resort itself looks a reasonable place to stay. The chalets look modern and well maintained from the outside.

Lake Chini Resort

If you are fond of boating or fancy a spot of fishing or just want to catch up on some reading you could not pick a more peaceful, tranquil place. Bring your insect repellent!

Lake Chini

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